"If you do what you always did, you will get what you always got."
- albert einstein

Holiday Central

project manager, designer, developer
wire frames, site map, mockups, finished products
photoshop, illustrator, html, css, js

The Problem

I witnessed Market America’s approach to holiday marketing in 2013. I noticed that each promotion had its own landing page, so there was no consistency or efficiency in the designer’s processes. This could be detrimental during the holiday busy season.


For 2014, I decided to take a more streamlined and pro-active approach to holiday promotions. I met with the Chief Marketing Officer, the Web Merchandising team, and the Marketing team and we developed a strategy for all holiday marketing campaigns. From this meeting came Holiday Central, a fully-functioning site within SHOP•COM to hold all holiday promotions.

Holiday Central Site Map – Property of Market America

The main goal of Holiday Central was to streamline the design, structure, and architecture for all holiday promotions. This includes any last-minute additions from the Web Merchandising and Affiliate teams. These “surprises” came up often. Having a structure and template made the new pages quick and easy to create.

Holiday Central Site Map – Property of Market America

I created wireframes for all eight webpage templates in Adobe Illustrator. I also worked with the Merchandising team to define a site map structure to organize all of the content. I built the entire fully-responsive Holiday Central site, including the landing page and all sub-pages, using HTML and CSS with a Sass framework.

Holiday Central Mockup – Property of Market America

Another goal of Holiday Central was to gather analytics to determine future marketing campaigns. These metrics gave us insight into how customers use the promotional sites. This insight guides us to design better sites and offer better promotions in the future.