"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."
- leonardo da vinci

Casino Mobile Sites

wire frames, mockups, final assets
photoshop, illustrator

The Problem

The casino websites for ACEP (American Casino & Entertainment Properties) were not accessible on mobile devices. The desktop site was too heavy and very difficult to use on small screens, which impacting hotel bookings. I needed to build a mobile site in a very condensed timeframe while still using the current site designs.


I worked with the VP of Marketing and the Director of Hotel Reservations to clarify the problem. We simplified the scope of the project to just hotel bookings using mobile devices. This scope clarification was crucial to execute this project in the necessary timeframe.

Mobile Site Wireframes – Property of American Casino & Entertainment Properties

I created wireframes for a simple site that would facilitate hotel booking on a mobile device. I created final mockups after getting approval, keeping the look of the mobile site consistent with the desktop site. I specifically focused the design on the iPhone, since that was our customer’s primary mobile device. I also tested the design on the HTC EVO 4G, Palm Pre, Samsung S4, Moto X, and iPad.

Stratophere Mobile Site Mockup – Property of American Casino & Entertainment Properties

I first deployed the mobile site for the Stratosphere Hotel & Casino. After the initial deployment, I worked on building the mobile sites for ACEP’s three other properties, the Aquarius, Arizona Charlie’s Decatur, and Arizona Charlie’s Boulder. The Aquarius mobile site was challenging because they had options within their room specials, which added a tier of complexity to their mobile design.

Aquarius Mobile Site Mockup – Property of American Casino & Entertainment Properties

The result of this project improved ACEP bookings for all four hotels by 50%. The increase in revenue made this project a big success for the company.